• Engineering or technology is all about using the power of science to make life better for people, to reduce cost, improve comfort, improve productivity. – Narayana Murthy


Our Mindfulness for Corporate Excellence (MCE) Program stands primarily on the three key practices of Meditation, Stress Reduction, Mind Power. These three practices help the participants awaken their latent potential and achieve personal and corporate success while keeping in view the importance of making positive contributions to the environment and welfare of humanity. This is mindfulness for compassion in action!

Global research on mindfulness proves its efficacy in the corporate

Mindfulness is now a universally accepted business tool that is being used as a secular technique for expanding mind space, resilience and manifestation of innate infinite potentialities.

Enhanced clarity to thoughts and higher quality of EQ emotional intelligence:

It helps create the inner environment that blossoms into positive thoughts and emotional attitude of love and compassion, wisdom, creativity, ethical values, adaptability and above all a strong sense of resilience. These qualities are essential to be a LEADER WITH A DIFFERENCE.

A few minutes of daily practice of stretching, breathing, meditation practices:

Transforms a person and helps him/her to manage anger and negative emotions, and feel more confident, focused and attentive. Makes it easier for him/her to manage the stress of daily life and happily walk the tightrope of work and personal life.


Mindful Leaders and Executives:

  • Exhibit charisma to lead the group with empathy and discipline.
  • Develop skill of self-management essential for today’s high-pressure jobs.
  • Are not driven by autopilot or external situations.
  • Are more aware of the moment and are mentally alert.
  • Make crucial business decisions; add value to corporate growth, individual success.
  • Are empathetic team leaders tapping the talents of others by enhancing their positive energies, boosting their self-worth and the power of their positive contributions.


You will learn to pause, relax, pay full attention to the task at hand and always carry yourself in a high level of self-confidence.

You will be able to transform failure and stress related issues into opportunities for growth and vitality.

You will grow in mindfulness and apply it in work and personal life to gain the highest advantage of perfect balance.

You will be able to do your multi-tasking with more attention and focus, adding value to your work!

Our Program Facilitator

S Brahmachari

S Brahmachari, facilitator of this session, is a globally acclaimed motivational and inspirational speaker, specializing in Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Reduction. He is also an author, social advocate, peacemaker and innovative Micro-Credit leader. His vision of mindfulness as the greatest self-help tool permeates all aspects of his service to humankind.

He was awarded the Man of Peace Award in Mexico in 2012 and the Lifetime Achievement Award by the S.T.A.R. Foundation at the House of Lords in UK in July 2015. He has studied and practiced mindfulness and meditation for 40 years. He presents his Course in Mindfulness program for Corporates, Universities and social service agencies across the Globe.

FEW OF THE CORPORATES / UNIVERSITIES BENEFITED FROM S BRAHMACHARI’S STRESS MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: IBM, Motorola, Cognizant, Wipro, EMC2, DRDO, RIL, OIL, Coal India Ltd, Lucent Technologies, Panasonic, American Express, Origin Group, Cotton On, ArcelorMittal, Stryker, Costa Rica University, University of Norte Dame, Wisconsin University, Bangalore University, National College

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