• “If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small. ” – Azim Premji

We understand the importance of developing generational talent and providing a stimulating career opportunity long-term. Our Leadership & Talent Development solution will help you define, identify and address development gaps as well develop a customized plan to develop the High Potentials for your organization’s crucial position.

Our People

Our consulting team is made up of leading experts in Organizational Development and people development with an extensive experience of more than 20 years in leading multi-disciplinary projects that spans across various industries and geographies. Through our team, we implement transformational change across multiple functions helping organizations be future ready.


Our organization development (OD) services involves planned and systemic interventions to achieve sustained organizational performance and improved outcomes for all stakeholders. It focuses on developing the values, culture and structures of an organization so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

OD can take many forms from micro change such as team building to macro change (whole of organization change). Our expert team has worked across the whole range of OD interventions both as internal and external organizational consultants.

We offer organizational consulting around HR policies and practices, Mentorship Program, Organizational Structures, Change Management and Experiential Learning Programs. We recognize the value of providing practical and professional support to busy executives and managers, supporting organizational needs and providing the support to create productive and high productive work places.

Our Organizational Development Services include:

Competency Development

Assessment Centers

Development Solutions

  • Individual Development
  • In-house Group Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching

Mentoring Leaders

The program involves making each leader aware of their inner capabilities, aspirations and challenges. Through reflections the purpose of life and living is drawn. This forms a basis to define definite goals and firm up action plans. The mentoring program helps to mentor leaders by understanding individual’s unique temperament and capabilities. Leaders develop the emotional balance, mental strength and intellectual perspective. It is a psych-social approach that ignites an awareness within the leaders. The results have been far reaching. With a perspective of a far sighted visionary and strong value based self-beliefs, leaders develop an attitude of firm commitment towards organization. A culture of excellence emerges.

Organizational Structures

Well-designed structures strengthen accountability, streamline decision making and boost productivity without adding excessive costs through layers of hierarchy.  Structures need to clearly support business strategy and facilitate innovation while aligning with the desired culture. Poorly designed structures are inefficient and costly, leading to slower decision-making and reducing morale and job satisfaction for staff.

For your people, structures play a key role in job satisfaction and the creation of career opportunities and developmental options. Our consulting team has expertise in all aspects of effective organizational design and can apply these principles in a pragmatic way to balance control and autonomy, responsiveness and efficiency, performance and growth.

Change Management

It not only involves organizational change but change as experienced by individual managers and staff. It is important to recognize that relying solely on a rational approach to change management will fail to capture the minds and hearts of people affected by the change. Involvement of managers and staff is critical, but this needs to be within clearly defined parameters.

Change management can be planned and effectively managed, even when change is externally imposed. There are a number of long-standing principles that facilitate the implementation of change. Fundamental to these is a recognition that external organizational change can happen quickly, while internal personal change takes time.
Our approach seeks to target both the organizational imperatives and the needs of the workforce.


What is ELP: Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing". It is an experience or a situation where the learner is made to reflect on experiences created in the workshop. Our well-crafted activities designed by experts, help to conceptualize and experiment ideas in real life situations. Some of our unique Experiential Learning Workshops are as follows:

ABLE – Adventure Based Learning Experience

This kind of Experiential Learning is through war simulation scenario drawing from the learning of strategy and tactics applied in military science. Participants of the learning intervention are placed in a highly competitive and uncertain environment where the need is to achieve a pre-determined objective.

ABLE uses multiple simulation formats to address differing requirements. For instance, ABLE can be designed as a Leadership Program, a Team Building Program, a Management Development Program and a program designed to develop the Killer Instinct in Sales and Customer Oriented teams. ABLE equipment comprises wireless sets, laptops, maps, compass, and other unique equipment. ABLE becomes especially unique as it also captures emotions like disappointment, stress, anger, enthusiasm and joy, apart from skills, to facilitate the process of translating learning into practice.

Be @ Harmony

This workshop is an experience of an inner awakening to achieve the impossible. It is not only inspirational but a practical guideline to scale peaks never ever surmounted before. Leaders are made to realize the root of disharmony within themselves first. Through experiential learning they learn ways to align individual aspirations to organizational goals. Difference between success and fulfilment are learnt. Values of collaboration over competition are understood. Finally, maps to frame a pathway to harmony for the human race is drawn.

Dinarch Consulting believes that creating a culture of harmony is not about writing policies in vain rule books but on the tablets of employees’ hearts.

Yes, our Be @ Harmony program helps to work in harmony by being universally one with the rest, without losing individuality. Organizations become a love-knit family. Energies run sky high. The word ‘impossible’ becomes irrelevant. And as the saying goes it makes you walk on water and move mountains. Experience us, to believe us!

Motorsport Adventure Program

Motorsport adventure is an effective tool for Corporate Leaders which provides experiential learning’s from highly customized & thrilling motorsport activities such as Off-Roading, Time-Speed-Distance Rally, Convoy Drives and other unconventional & innovative experiences.

It has a line up of ‘Motor Sport Theme’ activities designed to put participants under unique scenarios. These scenarios thus inspire them to a ‘thinking’ that challenges the status quo. The ‘Shift’ hence created in their minds creates a positive influence and impact on their Leadership Styles.

Our ‘Outbound Programs’ are designed to help our clients:
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Aid new behavioral skills
  • Boost confidence
  • Address resistance to change
  • Build team synergies

How does our Learning programs work

People are the foundation for every organization and effective interpersonal skills are essential for effective teams and workplaces.  Equipping staff with the resources to speak up and negotiate with colleagues, bosses and clients pays dividends in reduced conflict and higher productivity.  One of the foundations for effective team work is an understanding of individual differences – what motivates and what annoys those around us. Good people skills are also essential for good client service.

All of our learning programs are designed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from our experts to your teams, so your workforce get maximum value from the programs we provide.

Our friendly facilitators achieve this by creating an open and inclusive learning environment where discussion and questions are encouraged, while also providing ongoing follow-up support.


In-House programs

  • How to Create a Brand
  • Customer Service and Experience
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Six Thinking Hats / Lateral Thinking
  • Teaming and Nurturing People
  • Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Presentation Skills / Leadership Presence
  • Design Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Behavioral Simulations across Topics
  • Story Telling
  • Leading in a VUCA World
  • Digital Learning
  • Movie Based Learning
  • Psychometrics
  • Communications Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Conflict Management


  • Content Optimization
  • Digital Learning
  • Consumerism of Learning Content
  • Building Learning Eco Systems
  • Building Platform Skills for Facilitators
  • Gamification Design
  • Creating Video Solutions and Playbook
  • Creating World Class Learning Infrastructure - Virtual & Physical
  • Learning Operations and SOP creation

Interpersonal Skills Priority for Organizational Agility

Companies which fail are those that view training as a cost rather than an investment. Our research has shown that training reduces attrition, increases productivity and actually boosts profit for an organisation. Over 50% of companies have stated a lack of Interpersonal and communication skills training affected their expansion plans.



Bomi Manekshaw, popularly known as Bomi is a Veteran Leadership Coach, OD Consultant and a seasoned HR professional holding an experience of over 30 years in various industry sectors viz. Telecom, IT Product and Services companies, Oil & Gas, Agrotech, Power, Infrastructure, Insurance, Coal Bed Methane, Pharma and Healthcare, (at Reliance), Airline, Automotive, Steel, Electronics, Table water, Food processing and Plastics.

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Capt Shantanu Chakravorty is a action-oriented Talent Development Leader with demonstrated accomplishments in Strategic and Tactical Leadership of Global Enterprise’s Learning and Development Charters He has led Global roles for many world class organizations like Cargill Inc., Cognizant, Wipro, Aditya Birla Group and a veteran from Indian Army.

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Dr Aquil Busrai, a Certified Executive Coach and a leadership development Guru, has over four decades of HR experience with blue chip organizations like Unilever in Kenya and India, Motorola in Asia Pacific, Shell in Malaysia and IBM in India. A commerce graduate with distinction and MBA with Gold Medalist from XLRI, Jashedpur. He later received his LL. B degree and a doctorate followed by advanced Diploma in Training and Development. A University rank holder, he was honored with the Bharucha Gold Medal for academic excellence.

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Kisholoy Gupta is an inspirational speaker on management who has been in the area of HR for nearly four decades, having headed the HR function in various organizations for around 15 years. He has held numerous Management and Leadership positions in various Indian and MNCs. He is a trained coach in the area of career & performance and is a product of XLRI and XISS.

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